Reader's Corner No. 50: Poop Emoji Feud, Side Projects, and Chrome Dev Summit 2017 Recap

November 6, 2017

This week we are sharing some tech topics, and no, they aren't all about the iPhone X. :) We are talking about side code projects, digging into the great poop emoji feud, and a recap of the Chrome Dev Summit 2017 videos.

Inside The Great Poop Emoji Feud

Jay Roberts

Source: Charlie Warzel via BuzzFeed (bear with me, this is actually well-written)

Takeaway: Charlie Warzel digs into an internal conflict in the working groups managing the evolving Unicode standard. There is tension between the desire to expand the set of available emoji and the idea that that is detracting from important work around new encodings for ancient and obscure alphabets.

Tags: #Emoji, #Unicode, #Standards, #Poop

I Watched All of the Chrome Dev Summit 2017 Videos So You Don’t Have To

David Gouch

Source: Code Red

Takeaway: A summary of key points made during Chrome Dev Summit 2017. It's snarky, but there's a lot of value here. One point that comes out (maybe thanks to the snark) is that Google is a gigantic org, so when some statements seem inconsistent or some projects seem to contradict others, there's not necessarily a grand unifying vision to explain it: the answer can be ‘yes, it's confusing.’

Tags: #BrowserDev

No, I have no side code projects to show you

Amanda Hart

Source: codementor community

Takeaway: A quick, anecdotal account of being a passionate person with many interests, but not being considered a "passionate developer" or "the best", due to not spending all of your free time writing code and working on code-based side projects. Food for thought.

Tags: #Code-culture, #Work-life-balance, #Passionate-people

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