August 21, 2017

Though probably not as exciting as the eclipse, we have some articles to share with you this week! We are covering communication breakdowns, The Manifest podcast all about package managers, and color accessibility workflows.

5 Most Common Mistakes in Managing Multiple Projects: Communication Breakdown (Part 5 of 5)

Michael Nicholson

Source: Wrike Blog

Takeaway: The fifth and final article in the series deals with communication breakdown. It is critical with any project management that communication is clear between all stakeholders so that the project vision is shared. Keeping your clients and team involved in communication and feedback is critical.

Tags: #ProjectManagement

The Manifest

Jay Roberts

Source: The Manifest

Takeaway: A new podcast all about package managers. The first episode is about Homebrew.

Tags: #PackageManagement

Color Accessibility Workflows

David Minton

Source: A list Apart

Takeaway: Website Accessibility can be challenging (e.g. expensive and time consuming) to implement on an existing website, so the earlier it is addressed during development, the better. Testing and validation is imperative, and not something to be left until the end. One of the earliest aspects of accessibility to accommodate for are for users with visual difficulties, such as low vision. To make sites accessible, compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA or higher requires a minimum contrast ration for text and user interface elements. The easiest way to be compliant is to understand the requirements, and use color combinations with adequate contrast from the start. To streamline the process of selecting colors, testing, and making any necessary adjustments, the author provides several tools she uses in her own workflow, including Contrast Ratio, Color Safe, and tanaguru contrast finder. Avoid the headache of having to change a design to be compliant after already getting client signoff; get it right from the start.

Tags: #Accessibility, #Design, #Tools

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