Reader's Corner No. 112: The Secret History of "Easter Eggs", 2019 Logo Trend Report, and Google's New Nofollow Link Attribute Change

September 20, 2019

Explore edition #112 of our weekly Reader's Corner and you'll find quirky software surprises, LogoLounge's recent 2019 logo design trend report, and Google's most recent new link attributes announcement.

The Secret History of 'Easter Eggs"

Hunter Deschepper

Source: NY Times

Takeaway: This recent New York Times article presents a fascinating recounting of how software developers have infused their code with creativity over the years. By now, many people are aware of at least a few of Tesla's popular Easter Eggs, but some of the other hidden treats that have been planted by huge tech corporations go virtually unknown to the public until curious developers share their finds on social media. The fact that some companies such as WordPress continue to use Easter Eggs as a hiring initiative to find highly-qualified job candidates is particularly innovative.

Tags: #Technology, #Humor #Random

2019 Logo Trend Report

David Minton

Source: LogoLounge

Takeaway: For seventeen years, LogoLounge, a community repository of over 300,000 logos contributed by over 20,000 designers, has reviewed industry trends, and published an annual Logo Trend Report. This year, the grouped shared sixty logos illustrating fifteen trends, grouped as Morse Shade, Loaded, Orphan Shadow, Zip Tone, Dots, Highlights, Quarters, Spell Signs, Holes, Spot Drag, Gradient Breaks, Contour Stripes, Period, Wings, and Doors. A compelling overview, and inspiration for designers, and brand managers alike.

Tags: #Design, #Logos, #Branding

Google to treat nofollow link attribute as a 'hint', two new attributes introduced

Stephen Pashby

Source: WordTracker

Takeaway: The nofollow link attribute, long used to link to pages, will now be considered a "hint" to Google. It should continue to be used and the new "sponsored" (for advertising) and "ugc" (user generated content) link attributes should also be used. Google says there is no need to change existing nofollow link attributes as they will continue to work as before. Rather, Google says these changes are to help Google have a more complete picture of what natural linking looks like..

Tags: #SEO

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