Keeping Teamwork Alive While Working From Home

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Remember the days where you used to have idle chatter around the water cooler, the coffee station, the office kitchen, or as you're heading out the door for the evening? Did you love or loathe those moments? For many people that was an important part of their day and their work experience - to be able to share life with co-workers. For others (this writer included), the shorter the conversation the better, as there was work to be done, and quite frankly, idle chatter could be better spent over a few beers with buddies.

Regardless of what side of the water cooler you stood, I'd wager to say most of us long for those priceless moments where you saw the human side of your boss, learned about a hobby you never knew a co-worker had, or even found out something new about the world.

Many companies have been employing out of the box ideas to help foster community while we click on our keyboards from miles apart. Some have virtual Happy Hours-we have done several of those ourselves, and it's been interesting to peek into the home lives of co-workers you may never otherwise interact with outside of the office. Others have been having virtual trivia contests, or fitness challenges. For companies who have regular all-staff lunches, many have started having Zoom lunches.

What are you doing as an organization to help foster office camaraderie outside of the office?

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