David's Corner No.4: Typography Gets Under Your Skin, US Nuclear Forces Finally Get Rid of Floppy Disks, 2019 Type Champions

In this edition of David's Corner, Mr. Minton's first article calls the true limits of body modification into question with a concept video that blends the art of scarification and... typography? (This one is definitely worth the read/watch). His second (news) article, informs readers of the historical and current use of technology by the US Air Force’s SACCS, while also explaining why it took them so long to sunset their use of 8-inch floppy disks. Lastly, although it's officially 2020 now, that doesn't mean it's too late to review and appreciate last year's recipients of the 2019 Type Champions award.

What Happens When Typography Gets Under Your Skin?

David Minton

Source: AIGA Eye on Design

Takeaway: For those that want to make a permanent, personal typographic statement, options such as tattoos and scarification have been practiced for centuries. But what could modern cosmetic medicine offer for the twenty-first century? Tel Aviv-based graphic artist, type designer, and author Oded Ezer contemplates UV enhanced artificial veins that could act as “neon signs” of the circulatory system. Sci-fi or future tech? Check out his fictional video, if you dare.

Tags: #Typography, #Random

The US nuclear forces’ Dr. Strangelove-era messaging system finally got rid of its floppy disks

David Minton

Source: C4ISRNET

Takeaway: The floppy disk, the once-ubiquitous method of digital storage, and backbone of the original “sneaker-nets” is one step closer to its eventual demise. That one of the remaining holdouts was the US Department of Defense, long known for maintaining systems for decades, should come as no surprise. The US Air Force’s Strategic Automated Command and Control System (SACCS) has finally retired the 1970s era 8-inch floppy disks that were used to send emergency action messages from nuclear command centers to forces in the field. While the Air Force notes the system was secure and effective, maintaining decades-old hardware was proving a challenge, and it was time to upgrade to current, sustainable technology. Farewell floppy disks. You will not be forgotten, enshrined in popular “save” icons.

Tags: #Technology

Announcing the 2019 Type Champions!

David Minton

Source: Monotype

Takeaway: When it comes to typography, there are few brands as widely regarded as Monotype. Founded in 1887, Monotype developed some of the most widely used typefaces in use, including Times New Roman, Gill Sans, and Arial. So when the company announced the establishment of Type Champions Awards, “a new program that recognizes brands for their creative, innovative, and memorable use of typography in developing and maintaining their brand identities,” many took notice. This week the twelve 2019 award-winning companies were announced, including such household names as Audi, Southwest Airlines, and The New York Times. Even for those not in the industry, the announcement video is a stylish expose of well-employed typography employed in a wide array of forms.

Tags: #Design, #Typography

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