Beer O’clock — Moylan’s Kilt Lifter

March 11, 2011

March 4th, 2011

This week’s beer tasters: Kosta, Jay, Paul, Frank, David, and Stephen

Moylan's Kilt Lifter: Scotch AleEvery Friday at DesignHammer, we take time after a long day of designing cutting edge websites to sit down for a gourmet beer tasting. This week Jay brought us Moylan’s Kilt Lifter, a Scotch style ale.

“Rich malt balances perfectly with delicate hops to provide a concentrated and intense flavor; an ideal companion for hearty foods, or as a meal unto itsself. Allow this ale to warm slightly in your glass to enhance its truly bold character.”

Moylan’s Brewery, of Novato, California, has been brewing craft beers since 1995. Moylan’s beers have won global recognition in the Great American Beer Festival, The California State Fair and the World Beer Cup, the Olympics of brewing held every two years at a different venue.

Opening the bottle, Paul suggested, “Let's lift some kilts!”

“Cheers,” Kosta led off today’s tasting with a toast.

Frank deemed The Kilt Lifter a complex, sipping beer. “This, like most of the beers we have tasted, is much more complex than an every day beer.”

“You’re right,” Paul agreed. “This isn’t about imbibing.”

“What?” asked Frank.

“Drinking.” Paul replied.

David noted this Scotch style ale was definitely less hoppy than the previously sampled beers.

Jay noted a liquorice note, but with a strong bitterness. “Not a hoppy bitterness, though.”

“It doesn't smack you in the face with hops like some of the others we have sampled.” David added.

“No.” Jay agreed.

DesignHammer frequents the Hope Valley Bottle Shop, a local specialty shop near DesignHammer’s world headquarters in southwest Durham. Check out their extensive selection of carefully chosen wine and beer. Tell them DesignHammer sent you.