Beer O'clock — Terrapin Tomfoolery Black Saison

April 21, 2011

April 8th, 2011

This week’s beer tasters: Jay, Paul, Stephen, David and Frank

Terrapin's Tomfoolery Black SaisonEvery Friday at DesignHammer, we take time after a long day of designing cutting edge websites to sit down and have a gourmet beer tasting. This week Jay selected Terrapin's Tomfoolery Black Saison for us to sample. Tomfoolery is a Terrapin Side Project: a limited edition, one time batch featuring new brewing improvisations and highlighting a different brewing style.

“Made with a silly amount of rye, wheat and black malts, this dark spicy beverage will quench the thirst of any court jester in the land. We hope you enjoy our light hearted attempt at making this traditional style with foolish brewing behavior.”

In addition to seasonal offerings and side projects, Terrapin Beer Co. brews a year round line up including the Rye Pale Ale, Golden Ale, Hop Karma Brown IPA, Sunray Wheat Beer and the Hopsecutioner. Terrapin has also released many other beers and garnered several awards both in the U.S.A and internationally.

After holding it up to the light Jay observed, “It's almost entirely opaque.”

“No legs, either.” Jay noted, after a quick swirl in the glass.

“Legs?” Frank asked.

“It's a wine term,” David pointed out. Wine legs are also known as tears of wine or church windows.

David savored the beer. “It's not too sweet, not too bitter.” Noting the color, “It looks like a stout, but definitely doesn't taste like one.”

“You're right, it's not a stout. It is still good and dry, not sweet.” Stephen noted.

Frank let out a burp of approval, “And that is what I think of that.”

“You're such a fascinating guy, Frank,” Jay pointed out.

The discussion turned to other drinks, specifically Budweiser & Clamato Chelada. It is technically a variety of a cerveza preparada. While Chelada may be selected for a DesignHammer gourmet beer tasting in the near future, the curious or the brave can read the Chelada Review by the Onion A. V. Club.

DesignHammer frequents the Hope Valley Bottle Shop, a local specialty shop near DesignHammer’s world headquarters in southwest Durham. Check out their extensive selection of carefully chosen wine and beer. Tell them DesignHammer sent you.