Proteus Networks

IT Development

Proteus Networks is a global provider for Juniper and Cisco network consulting and training. Services provided by the company include employee training, consulting, and technical support.

Management for Proteus Networks approached DesignHammer to redesign their existing website and provide solutions to their communication challenges while improving internal efficiency. The old website was static HTML, making it difficult to update content such as their newest course listings. In addition, the site lacked a method for students to register for classes or for users to receive subscription-based access to white papers, FAQs, and how-to documents the company was looking to provide.

To solve challenges Proteus was suffering with their online content, a new website was developed on the Drupal content management system platform. DesignHammer wrote custom modules to integrate the website with the Proteus Networks Salesforce configuration, to enable course listings on the website to be automatically generated from data in Salesforce.

The Salesforce Drupal integration provided the organization the much-needed efficiency they were seeking as well as easier access to information for the company’s audience. The custom integration with an e-commerce package now allows students to easily register online, pay, and enroll in network classes while also having access to Proteus Elite content through a subscription package.

Note: Proteus Networks was acquired by FishNet Security.

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