Salesforce is a powerful online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool used by thousands of companies and organizations. The combination of Salesforce's CRM functionality and Drupal 7's flexibility and power provides an excellent base for creating dynamic websites, advanced e-commerce systems, and online communities. Salesforce offers a product donation and discount program for eligible nonprofits so it's a great option for advocacy groups that need the complexity it offers.

Our expertise

We are experts in Drupal Salesforce Integration. DesignHammer has contributed staff resources to help maintain the 7.x-3.x, 7.x-2.x, and 6.x-2.x branches of the Drupal Salesforce Suite of modules, contributing numerous improvements and bug fixes to the project as well as providing support to others in the issue queue. The 7.x-3.x branch is a complete rewrite of the module (undertaken in December 2012 with contributions from DesignHammer) to use Drupal 7 API’s and implement a new architecture that is simpler and more flexible to use.

Our team has successfully implemented Salesforce integrations for several clients, ranging in scope from simple web-to-lead forms to advanced, two-way Drupal user syncing with Salesforce Contacts and Leads for tens of thousands of objects. Here are some of the ways we can integrate Salesforce with your Drupal site:

  • Extensive Drupal user to Salesforce Contact / Lead integration
  • Salesforce integration across multiple Drupal sites
  • Replace Drupal’s registration system with a custom registration system that syncs with Salesforce, including the ability to create customized registration forms to link to different Salesforce Campaigns
  • Track e-commerce purchases from Ubercart in Salesforce
  • Generate Salesforce Leads based on Webform submissions
  • Sync complex user profiles using Drupal's Profile2 module
  • Paid and free user accounts with subscriptions synced to Salesforce
  • Tiered content access based upon user role defined in Salesforce
  • Manage product offerings and inventory in Salesforce, sync this data with Drupal, display updated offerings in Ubercart (read the blog post)

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Drupal Association

We’re a proud organization member of the Drupal Association.