Drupal - Salesforce Integration for the Proteus Networks website

Proteus Networks Home PageWe recently finished up development on a new Drupal website for Proteus Networks, a Juniper and Cisco network training and consulting company. The main challenge for the new site was to integrate Salesforce (a popular customer relationship management system used by over two million subscribers) with Drupal, the open-source content management system used for the website redesign. Drupal is a very powerful platform for developing websites, and is growing rapidly in popularity and usage. It allows developers a great deal of flexibility to create customized solutions for a given use case.

Proteus uses Salesforce to manage information for network classes along with information for all of their students and instructors. They wanted to expose the class information (location, what topics would be covered, how much it would cost) to the website; on the user end, visitors to the website would be able to browse a collection of classes and sign up, give payment information, and enroll in a class. This makes the life of an administrator much easier, as content only needs to be entered and organized in one place (Salesforce).

Salesforce – Drupal integration

Using some of the code from community contributed Salesforce integration projects, we tailored a solution to Proteus Networks so all the course listings are now pulled dynamically from the Salesforce database. Account registrations on the website are synchronized with Contacts in Salesforce. When users sign up for a class and provide payment information, this data is captured and stored in Salesforce. Proteus Networks now has the advantage of a central repository for their core business operations, with the ability to expose some of this data to the public website. There is no need to duplicate any data entry between the website and Salesforce.

Other Features

The site also features integration with Activa Live Chat (which is itself closely integrated with Salesforce), and a subscription package that offers registered users access to premium content on the website, including white papers, tutorials, and how-to instructional documents. In addition, the design is an attractive and engaging experience that sets a new standard for design in the network training industry.


This project was exciting in allowing us to closely integrate two systems and facilitate the ability for students to enroll in classes for Proteus Networks. Salesforce to Drupal offers a powerful combination of tools that organizations can use to work more effectively, and maintain a more dynamic web presence.




I'm the Salesforce administrator at my company and we're looking at doing a similar project with Joomla and Salesforce.

I would love to learn more about your project and the various challenges that you've faced. Also, how did you go about creating the subscription package?

You're input would be greatly appreciated!


First at all: Sorry for my bad english...

Can you give me an advice or some "how to"...
I have to connect drupal website with client's salesforce accounts but I don't know where start.


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