You have a Drupal website, but is it up-to-date, secure, and performing as it should? Our Drupal Audit will assess your site’s code quality, security, performance, and adherence to Drupal best practices to provide you with an external assessment that you can trust.

We look at more than 50 factors to return a series of recommended remediations with a clear assessment of their priority.

Some factors our Audit analyzes include:

  • General codebase structure, size, and registered account users
  • Security considerations such as error reporting, malicious data, user permissions, and unnecessary information that could cause a user to compromise your site.
  • Performance factors that determine how your website responds to the user experience.
  • Best practices such as mobile-friendly design, Google Analytics, and folder structure.

Our experts are here to help.

After we have discussed the results of your audit, our team of certified Drupal developers will be ready to dive in to make sure your site is optimized and running as intended.

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