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The Challenge

NetOne operates a Drupal 7 website for members of their network of independently owned security companies for the residential and commercial markets. When NetOne approached DesignHammer, they were having multiple usability issues: account registration was confusing and overly complicated; many of the styles were "default Drupal" instead of matching the look and feel of the NetOne theme; the site was not 100% mobile-ready, creating a sub-par experience for an increasing number of mobile users. There were also issues with forum notification emails and MailChimp list subscription. Additionally, NetOne needed on-going help maintaining Drupal and working closely with the CTO to create new features to make the NetOne website even more useful for security professionals.

The Solution

DesignHammer helped NetOne through a number of usability audits, where we conducted in-person testing using both a desktop setup with keyboard and mouse, as well as a mobile device that recorded the user's interactions with the website. Through this testing, we were able to generate recommendations to help improve the user experience for the NetOne website.

We re-wrote a number of NetOne's custom modules, simplifying account registration from three pages down to one, adjusting the forgotten password tool messaging to clarify the process, and cleaning up the user profile editing interface. NetOne's theme stylesheets were converted to using Sass, a CSS pre-processor that makes it easier to organize a highly complex set of styles. Our designers created mobile-ready styles to fix the issues discovered during our UX testing. We also rebuilt the integration with MailChimp, so that users were subscribed correctly to the NetOne mailing list during registration and profile editing, as well as forum notification emails for the user's interests.

DesignHammer continues to work closely with NetOne, creating and maintaining features such as a parts exchange system for sharing inventories, a yearly "Grand Champions" event sub-site with an event registration system, as well as a revamped file resources library.


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