The Challenge

CEO Roundtable on Cancer currently operates three Drupal 7 websites: CEO Roundtable on Cancer, the CEO Cancer Gold Standard, and the Life Sciences Consortium. These websites were developed by other individual vendors with slightly different approaches on how to enter and display content. The sites did not facilitate their current business goals and anticipated future marketing initiatives. Further, the website were not mobile friendly.

The Solution

DesignHammer created new, modern designs built on a Drupal 7 custom theme. The administrative functionality was clarified and mirrored across all three sites. To minimize future maintenance requirements and to promote a more cohesive overall user experience, we simplified the number and complexity of page layouts. The updated design also utilizes Responsive Web Design (RWD) to provide a better mobile browsing experience.

In addition, much of the complicated custom code was rewritten to reflect Drupal coding standards and clarify functionality. Webform was used extensively for the Cancer Gold Standard website to assist CEO RT staff with the application process.


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