Reflecting On Small Business Week

Small Business in the Raleigh-Durham Metro Area are responsible for 80% of businesses and employs 80,000 people.

Last week companies across the Research Triangle Park, and the nation, celebrated small businesses. As a small business that's been operating in Durham, NC for 20 years providing smart business solutions to companies of all sizes, DesignHammer would like to stop and celebrate the myriad contributions made by small businesses in our communities and homes every day.

Though known for the RTP, big Pharma, and global corporations, this area we call home has become one of the top areas for new investment, attracting billions in investments around the Triangle not just because of larger enterprises but because of the homegrown strength that gives us James Beard Award nominated food and beverages at Saltbox Seafood Joint, Garland, Vin Rouge, Alley Twenty-Six, and more. The intrepid spirit that brings us clothing from Bull City Apparel, Runaway, and Vaguely ReminiscentDesignHammer clients and partners like Ablr, who provide inclusive and accessible environments, or others like Millennium Print Group, and Brand Fuel offering business to business services to help support growth. Let's celebrate the businesses that help make the Triangle one of the top places to start a business, grow a business, or engage in entrepreneurship in the country.

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What are some of your favorite small businesses here in the Triangle?