Reader's Corner No.5: Open Source Communities, Project Management Pitfalls, Psychological Conversion Techniques, and SEO Mistakes

December 5, 2016

We have a variety of topics this week ranging from negative ranting in open source communities and project management pitfalls to psychological conversion techniques and avoiding SEO mistakes.

Dear JavaScript

Amanda Hart

Source: Medium

Takeaway: This article deals with the JavaScript open source community, but is a general reflection on how internet anonymity creates a breeding ground for negative communication instead of constructive feedback. This contributes to open source maintainer burnout-- no one wants to read negative post after negative post, some with direct personal attacks. It’s exhausting and unproductive. James Kyle offers a perspective on his experience with this issue, as well as some of his suggestions on how to curb this behavior.

Tags: #javascript, #open-source, #online-behavior, #constructive-criticism

5 Project Management Pitfalls Your Organization Should Avoid

Michael Nicholson

Source: American Marketing Assocation

Takeaway: Project management can be more accessible and reasonable by keeping in mind five key concepts. Using project management software, being flexible with your team, defining the scope (and avoiding unnecessary scope creep/change), having a systematic approach to track and approve changes, and using metrics to define success are all key tactics to effectively manage projects.

Tags: #ProjectManagement

Psychologically Proven Techniques to Boost Your Conversions in 2017

Stephen Pashby

Source: Search Enginge Watch

Takeaway: Psychological insights can be used to boost conversions on your websites. Decoy pricing and the paradox of choice are particularly relevant to website conversions.

Tags: #conversions, #psychology

7 SEO Mistakes to Stop for a Record Year

David Minton

Source: Website Magazine

Takeaway: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep up with trends if you want to place well in search engines. Sometimes the best way to get ahead is to make fewer mistakes than the competition.

Tags: #SEO, #Search Engine Optimization

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