Reader's Corner No. 86: Bezos on Why Successful People Make Smarter Decisions, Gen Z in the Workforce, and Slack CTO on Parenthood and Tech

December 6, 2018

For this edition of Reader's Corner–it's business time! Amazon's Jeff Bezos has some tips to share on successful decision-making, learn what to expect as Generation Z enters the workforce, and Slack's CTO explains why he believes people skills are more important than tech skills.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos: This Is How Successful People Make Such Smart Decisions

David Minton

Source: Inc.

Takeaway: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has an amazing track record as an entrepreneur. Key to success in business is decision making, and in this area, he thinks most of us are doing it wrong. While most of us look at decisions in order of importance, he classifies them as “one-way doors” and “two-way doors,” on the ease of reversing them. While the first type do require thorough analysis and risk aversion, too many use the same process in deciding on the latter. Bezos believes if a decision is easy to revers, just make it, and if it doesn’t work, just change course. It’s too easy to get trapped in “analysis paralysis,” and figuring out the less consequential choices allow business to be more nimble and innovative.

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Gen Z Brings a Whole New Dynamic to the Workforce

Hunter Kenny

Source: Entrepreneur

Takeaway: As a young professional who exists on the Millennial-Gen Z border, I find this article as feasible as it is fascinating. If employers thought that Millennials were hard to work with, then they are in for a huge disappointment with Generation Z. The article paints a very realistic depiction of the behavioral trends of Generation Z and shows that businesses will have to adapt soon, whether they want to or not. Thankfully, the author leaves employers with some great tips on how to reposition and re-market their business to appeal to the Gen Z's who are currently entering the workforce.

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A Silicon Valley CTO Says the Skills He'll Make Sure His Children Learn to Enter the Workforce Have Nothing to do with Tech

Stephen Pashby

Source: Business Insider

Takeaway: Technology changes quickly and it is impossible to predict the future. Prioritizing adaptability and the ability to work effectively with others are the real keys to success.

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