Reader's Corner No. 85: More Efficient Peer Code Review, Flying for Thanksgiving, and No Custom Songs on Beat Saber for PSVR

November 29, 2018

We're covering a variety of topics in today's Reader's Corner! Read on to learn better practices for more efficient peer code review, tips on when the appropriate time to fly home to your family for Thanksgiving is, and some new and disappointing updates on the new Beat Saber release for PSVR.

11 Proven Practices for More Effective, Efficient Peer Code Review

Jay Roberts

Source: IBM Developer

Takeaway: SmartBear Software undertook a large-scale study of code-review practices and measured their impact in a number of areas. Their findings match up with observations we made here at DesignHammer when we implemented a structured code review policy for a recent project.

Tags: #Programming, #QA

Flying for Thanksgiving

David Gouch

Source: Bertrand Fan

Takeaway: How can you prove mom and dad are crazy for flying in on Thanksgiving? A blogger dons his investigative journalist badge, files a Freedom of Information Act request with the San Francisco government, and opens up Excel. Do mom and dad have a lesson coming their way, or will his turkey come with a side of crow this year?

Tags: #Travel, #Holidays

Beat Saber PSVR Won’t Have Custom Songs But New Music To Come ‘Regularly’

Hunter Kenny

Source: Upload VR

Takeaway: As someone who has become obsessed with Beat Saber since it's release earlier this year, I'm incredibly disappointed to hear that the PSVR version won't have custom songs! So far I have only had the chance to play the addictive rhythm game on an HTC Vive and an Oculus Rift owned by friends and family members. That being said, I have just been given a PSVR for personal use, which just happened to time up perfectly with the Beat Saber for PSVR release last weekend. However...this new knowledge of PlayStation's closed system blocking out custom song mods has greatly decreased my enthusiasm. We'll just have to wait and see if game developer Beat Games actually lives up to their promise of releasing "regular music packs" for PSVR in the future.

Tags: #Gaming

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