Reader's Corner No. 74: 100 Most Popular Keywords on Google, Google Dataset Search, and New Search Console Graduates out of Beta

September 12, 2018

It's a windy day in NC as a historic Hurricane Florence approaches! So before the power goes out take a look at our themed Reader's Corner edition for the month, which today covers internet search engine optimization (SEO)! Discover the 100 most popular search terms over the last year, Google's new "Dataset Search" tool, and the official announcement of Google's new Search Console graduating out of beta!

100 Most Popular Keywords on Google

Hunter Kenny

Source: Social Media Today

Takeaway: This is a really interesting list of the 100 most searched, non-branded keywords on Google over the last 12 months (finishing on June 1st, 2018). I know that I've probably searched at least 75 of the terms on this list, from "whats my IP" to "mortgage calculator" to "prodigy." Yet some of the terms and their rankings were still a surprise to me. Like Overwatch ranking one spot higher than League of Legends, also who knew that people were still converting "youtube to mp3" (listed at #5!) these days? It's also interesting to see that "great clips", the very basic-level salon franchise made the list at all at #92.

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Google Dataset Search: A new search service to find data from sciences, government, some news organizations

Stephen Pashby

Source: Search Engine Land

Takeaway: Google recently launched Dataset Search which is a specialized search product similar to Google Scholar that focuses on publicly available datasets from academia, government, and news organizations. If you want your data sets to be found, be sure to follow Google's dataset markup guidelines.

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The New Search Console is Graduating Out of Beta

David Minton

Source: Webmaster Central Blog

Takeaway: The latest version of Google Search Console has emerged from Beta this month. Google Search Console allows website owners to stay current on Google’s indexing of content, as well as be alerted to problems related to crawl errors, security problems, or content configuration that may result in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position degradation. The latest version of Google Search Console offers improved altering and reporting, as well as new tools to better test and fix reported problems. Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, the essential suite of tools was rebranded back in 2015.

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