Reader's Corner No. 58: Ten Things about bash, 2018 Website Load Speed, and Web Typography Tips

January 15, 2018

We haven't let the snow storms and cold weather in North Carolina keep us down, and this week we are bringing you all three interesting reads. They are all about bash, website load speed in 2018, and ten typography tips for web.

Ten Things I Wish I’d Known About bash

Jay Roberts

Source: zwischenzugs

Takeaway: Sometimes it's useful to take a deep dive into a tool you use everyday to really understand what it is and how to use it. It can make a huge difference in your effectiveness with that tool.

Tags: #Bash, #Tools

How Fast Should A Website Load in 2018?

David Minton

Source: SEO Hobo Blog

Takeaway: Everyone prefers fast sites to slow ones, but what is fast, and how much does it really matter? Shaun Anderson takes an analytic approach to the question of page speed in a recent blog post. From quotes from Google staff, to personal research, to case studies from significant web properties, it appears page speed is as important, if not more so, than ever. Google is now suggesting page load should not exceed two seconds, and sub-second should be the goal. While how much speed plays into SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position is a close secret to the search giant, that have revealed that slow sites will be crawled more slowly, which means new content will take longer to be indexed. Beyond search, there is a wealth of evidence that page speed, or lack thereof, impacts user engagement, and ultimately conversions and revenue.

Tags: #SEO, #Google

Ten Tips On Typography in Web Design

Jeanette Larsen

Source: Marvel App

Takeaway: The majority of information on the web is written language, which means that typography choices are extremely important. "Optimizing typography is optimizing readability, accessibility, usability(!), overall graphic balance.”

Tags: #Typography, #Readability

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