Reader's Corner No. 43: iPhone X and the Future of Design, The Perfect 404 Page, and Quest for Tetris Processor

September 18, 2017

If you missed it, the new iPhone X was revealed recently and it's causing quite a stir. This week we talk about the future of mobile design, as well as creating the perfect 404 page and the quest for Tetris processor.

How to create the perfect 404 page

David Minton

Source: Search Engine Watch

Takeaway: If you have browsed the Web for more than five minutes, you have probably come across a page labeled “404 Not Found.” While this can either be a minor inconvenience, or a huge frustration, it generally does not leave a site visitor with a positive impression of the website. If you are a site owner or manager, you can do things to mitigate the inconvenience, and even leave a positive impression; dump the stock and create a custom 404 page. Search Engine Watch offers some suggestions on elements that could help a lost visitor, such as an useful links, a site search, a method to report the 404, or suggestions on how to find what they are looking for. The article also includes examples from popular sites that may leave you with a smile, even if you don’t find the page you seek on the first try.

Tags: #Usability, #Search

Quest for Tetris Processor

Jay Roberts

Source: Code Golf Stack Exchange

Takeaway: A challenge to create Tetris in Conway's game of life results in a year and a half long quest by seven different collaborators.

Tags: #Tetris, #Life, #Programming, #Processor-Architecture

Philippe Starck on how bezel-less screens will be the end of phone design

Jeanette Larsen

Source: The Verge

Takeaway: WIth iPhone X just being released with a nearly bezel-less screen, many are asking where mobile design will go from here with so little left to take away. Philippe Starck, famous industrial designer and architect, sees the next step as bionics – technology directly in the body. If this comes to be, it will be fascinating to see the impact on designers in the future.

Tags: #iPhone, #Mobile, #Design

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