Reader's Corner No. 31: Why Well-Planned Projects Fail, A Year of Google Maps and Apple Maps, Trump's Twitter Blocking and the First Amendment, and The Complete List of Google Penalties

June 12, 2017

After a busy week full of conferences, we are glad to all be back in the office together. We have a great variety of articles to share with you this week. The topics include: why well-planned projects fail, a year of Google Maps and Apple Maps, Trump's Twitter blocking and the First Amendment, and the complete list of Google penalties.

7 Hidden Dangers of Project Management (Why Even Well-Planned Projects Sometimes Fail)

Michael Nicholson

Source: A Girl's Guide to PM Blog

Takeaway: Well planned projects certainly have a better chance of success than poorly planned ones, but there are factors that can derail even the best planned project. Seven factors listed by the author include:

  • Scope creep
  • Miscommunication
  • Working with the wrong people
  • Lack of resources
  • A sponsor who leaves
  • Not focusing on quality
  • An inexperienced PM

The author gives examples and possible solutions to the above, as well.

Tags: #ProjectManagement

A Year of Google Maps & Apple Maps

David Gouch

Source: Justin O’Beirne

Takeaway: Great analysis about the strategic changes in Google Maps since launch and a reminder about how to make emphasis work: everything can't be important, you have to allow yourself to de-emphasis something else. Google Maps launched with roads in bright yellow. But that was back when a road map was the main value. Today, Google Maps wants to show us *places.* Simply plunking all that new information on the old map would have resulted in a hard to read mess, so instead they made the decision to remove emphasis from other parts of the map.

Tags: #Strategy, #ProductVision

Trump's Twitter Blocking May Violate First Amendment

David Minton

Source: Wired

Takeaway: It’s not uncommon to see people mistakenly accusing of companies and private individuals of violating their First Amendment rights, be it by Google’s placement in search engine listings, or cancelled Facebook accounts. After all, the First Amendment offers protection from censorship by the government, not from companies, non-governmental organization, or private individuals. But, what if the social media account, or web-based forum is controlled by a government official? We are now getting into inadequately charted territory; one the Knight First Amendment Institute may pursue in court. The group recently wrote a letter to President Donald Trump arguing that blocking people from his Twitter account violates their right to free speech. This is very interesting since many government institutions publish online, allowing citizens to post content and comment. Is deleting a negative yet factually correct review of a National Park from Yelp! a First Amendment violation? How about a comment posted to local school board Facebook group? Something worth investigating.

Tags: #InternetLaw, #SocialMedia

The Complete List of Google Penalties & How to Recover

Stephen Pashby

Source: Search Engine Journal

Takeaway: An up-to-date summary of current manual penalties from Google and the steps needed to remove the offense and submit the site for reconsideration.

Tags: #SEO

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