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The Challenge

The existing website was originally designed in 1996 to provide access to the works and images of William Blake. The Archive provides scholars and the general public access to high quality color corrected images of Blake’s art as well as the text of Blake’s works, commentary, and research tools.

It was designed for scholars who want to study Blake as a professionally edited site, not to make Blake accessible to the lay user and amateur scholar. The Archive wanted to maintain this prestigious status, but also present a more contemporary, and user-friendly images to non-scholars.

The Solution

We created a slick, uncluttered interface to make all of the image information readily available. We then streamlined the navigation across the archive. To create this desired user interface, we engaged in several stages of web design: Wireframes, Design Concepts, and HTML/JS/CSS build out. The new site has a modern, easy to use interface, which brings forward the well crafted artwork William Blake had created.


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