Patients Beyond Borders


The Patients Beyond Borders Online Edition is a platform for patients considering medical tourism, and provides detailed information on the best hospitals and treatment centers in countries worldwide, plus data on local and international accreditation, health travel planners, and accommodations.

DesignHammer developed a website to connect consumers seeking information about procedures and treatment with hospitals and treatment centers across the globe. The primary goals of the website were to help match patients seeking a specific procedure or destination with international hospitals and treatment packages, provide patient information and support resources including tips, articles, case studies, country information, and provide easy-to-use patient planning tools, with checklist items linked to info, tips and other information currently found in the various Patients Beyond Borders editions.

The website was developed in Drupal which included a custom user interface (UI) designed in consultation with Healthy Travel Media that provided an intuitive front-end for interacting with the site's content. The website also provides a strong base for Search Engine Optimization.

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