Client Description

Established in Raleigh, NC in 2003, the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal is a nonprofit institute dedicated to improving higher education in North Carolina. To address flaws and/or shortcomings in the university education system, the Martin Center conducts studies in areas such as governance, curriculum, financing, access, accountability, faculty research and administrative policies. By engaging in broader dialogue about how to improve higher education throughout the nation, their main goal is to find ways to increase the accountability of trustees, administrators, faculty and students within the university system.

The Challenge

The Martin Center’s previous website was built on a custom CMS which limited it to only few administrative capabilities. The site design was also outdated and did not have appropriate support for mobile devices.

The Solution

DesignHammer migrated all the existing website's content to WordPress. WordPress is a far more widely used and well supported CMS compared to their custom solution. WordPress allowed the Center to add more cost-effective functionality which in turn brought more value to their users. We also provided a fresh new design that is modern and mobile-friendly.

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