Client Description

Organized in 2018 with funding from the Duke Endowment, the North Carolina Alliance for Effective Care Transitions is a gathering of various stakeholders within the medical field to coordinate efforts to improve care transitions throughout the state of North Carolina. The Alliance's mission is to have stakeholders connect care transition services and resources, identify best practices and educate the public along with statewide policy influencers on person-centered quality services for optimal healthcare transitions.

The Challenge

The previous North Carolina Alliance for Effective Care Transitions (NCACT) website architecture made it difficult for users to quickly find their desired content. Most user interaction was primarily presented as links in the body content, making it very easy to overlook. It was also difficult to add new functionality related to gathering organization profiles and member sharing.

The Solution

DesignHammer migrated their existing content to a new WordPress website, vastly improved the navigation, and increased user interaction. With the ability to quickly add and customize new web-forms NCACT was able to get the information they needed from organization members. This also simplified the submission process. This allowed them to build a large database of healthcare organizations which benefits the users who need this information.

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