With more than 27 million active sites and over 50% of the market share, WordPress is by far the most popular content management system worldwide. It’s a common misnomer that a WordPress site is just something that you can spin up on your own, and with very little involvement. In actuality, that’s not the case if you want a moderate-to-complex solution to accomplish your business goals. This often involves custom code, CSS, PHP, and design. Our consultants have a better way to attack your business needs. If WordPress is your preferred platform, we can help produce an effective site that maximizes your audience goals and establishes a robust, but easily navigable content management solution to maximize your content collaborators ease of input.

Custom Development

Core WordPress software extensible with a vast number of free and paid plugins that deliver features from event registration and online quizzes to members-only content and paid site membership. If the wide array of available plugins do not meet your business requirements, DesignHammer can create custom plugins to meet nearly any need.

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Pre-Designed or Off-the-Shelf Themes

Depending upon your business requirements, DesignHammer can create a custom WordPress theme or help you select and customize a modern, visually attractive pre-designed theme. Our goal is to help you maximize the ROI of your WordPress site.

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