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The Challenge

Interiors In Flight believes that its potential customers are unaware of what Interiors In Flight can bring to their project and how their services justify a premium price versus their competition. The greatest challenge is that Interiors in Flight are unable to use photos of their products displayed in the completed aircraft due to disclosure agreements with their customers. A number of competitors have such photos. A primary focus of the website is to communicate the Interiors in Flight value proposition without directly using photos of customer’s products.

The Solution

The new website established Interiors In Flight as the platinum standard for customized airplane seating and cabinetry. We accomplished this by appealing primarily to the emotions of VVIPs and their representatives, designers, and completion centers. The new website is a simple yet elegant design that shows the quality products only Interiors In Flight can produce. Displays detail and active emotion on every page the user visits, without the use of customer photos of newly completed aircraft.

DesignHammer’s team on this project included Pausback Advertising, Exum Photography, and Patrick W. Carroll Consulting.


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