At DesignHammer, we recommend our Strategic Consulting service for every website project we take on, as it provides the basis of the action plan that will achieve your business goals. Strategic Consulting is an umbrella term we use to refer to different assessment activities that will ultimately help us form a better understanding of your brand, your audience, and what features your new website will need to accomplish your organizational goals. Strategic Consulting is a service we offer in the Discovery & Planning phase of Our Four-Step Process.

During Strategic Consulting our strategy team will work with you to:

Define Business Goals

  • What are you trying to achieve as an organization (drive sales, increase brand awareness, client retention, etc.)?
  • How does your website contribute to these goals?

Identify Obstacles:

  • What is preventing your organization from achieving defined goals?
  • Does your message match your intended outcome and is it reaching your intended audience?
  • Does your target audience know exactly what you do and how they can engage with you?

Brainstorm Solutions:

  • How can technology like a website help you achieve your goals? There can be many effective solutions, from identifying the appropriate platform or CMS, implementing an online store solution, or crafting strategically focused content and navigation.

Establish Success Metrics:

  • How will you measure whether your website is contributing to your business goals?
  • Which metrics do we need to track to analyze your intended results?
  • How will we structure analytics tools to easily understand your metrics?

These questions will be answered out through a series of collaborative discovery meetings where we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current site and identify the opportunities and threats moving forward. The findings of our strategic assessment mini-project become a fundamental building block in the Project Plan.