By no means does the process of Search Engine Optimization end on the day your site goes live. The Internet is an ever-changing environment, and there is much to be learned from observing your site and who visits it, from where, and why. A keyword phrase that seems to be a dud for one month may become very popular six months down the road. In addition, a hugely successful keyword this week may be discovered by competitors and lose its edge before the month is out. Regularly analyzing the activity specifically on your site can give you more definitive data to work from, and you may discover new keyword phrases that users are searching for to find your site.


Now that we’ve gone over the basic principles of SEO, it must be stressed that when building a new website, the sooner in the process you start SEO, the better. SEO is at the core of building a successful web presence for your site, and has many overlaps with accessibility and usability. If you build your site, add all the content, and then decide to do SEO at the end, you will discover that much of your work will have to be redone. For that reason, we recommend that you do SEO as part of the beginning stages of building your website.

The next four sections provide insight into specific SEO services that DesignHammer provides: Keyword Research, Website Review, Competitive Analysis, and SEO Maintenance.