Our SEO Website Review service is the critical step in search engine optimization for your existing website. Using the keyword phrases generated by our SEO Keyword Research, we’ll conduct a thorough review of your current website (or copy intended for your website redesign) to ensure that the phrases are being used properly.

This is a key step in the SEO process: the most perfect set of keywords that brilliantly captures the scope and theme of your website’s content will be ineffective if not utilized correctly in your website.


Our SEO Website Review involves analyzing a number of elements on and off your website, including:

Coding Practices and Structure

We will make sure that HTML tags – including page titles, descriptions, Meta tags, headers, and more – are being used effectively for SEO.

Keyword Optimization

We will ensure that your identified keyword phrases are being placed strategically throughout the content on your site.

Site Structure

We will check to make sure that your content is organized in a logical manner to facilitate a search engine’s task of indexing your site.

Incoming Links Review

Incoming links are a critical factor in SEO. We’ll provide you with an analysis of who is linking to your site, why, and what you can do to increase linking to your site.

Social Review

Social sharing is a highly effective tool for boosting your site’s popularity and driving traffic to your website. We will assess how your site is utilizing appropriate social networks and offer suggestions for better facilitating social sharing into your site.


At the end of the SEO Website Review, you will receive a detailed report of our findings. The report includes a detailed description of our process, a summary of our findings, supporting data, and specific recommendations for improving SEO on your site. We will also offer suggestions for implementing the recommendations in our report.