June 12
Last week we were thrilled to learn that a site we developed, the North Carolina High School Athletic Assocation (NCHSAA) was selected as Best Sports Website in the 2014 Blue Drop Awards. Over the coming weeks we'll write a few posts highlighting some of the features of the site. In this post, I want to focus on some of the performance techniques we used to ensure quick page loads.
March 31
In this post, we'll look at how we can implement a testing framework for ongoing imports of data into Drupal using some of our favorite tools: CasperJS, Migrate module, and Jenkins.
December 18
This post examines how to use CasperJS, Drush, and Jenkins to implement an automated, behavior driven development testing cycle for your Drupal site.
June 25
Introducing subDrush, a Drush integration plugin for Sublime Text 3 to facilitate Drupal development. The plugin provides a subset of Drush functionality within the Sublime Text 3 code editor.
March 28
Rebuilding a local development environment for a Drupal site can often be a chore. Drush Rebuild is a simple utility to help manage the process of rebuilding a local development environment.
March 01
Explanation of workflow and tools for developing with Drupal install profiles and Drush Make.