Reader's Corner No.3: Open Graph, HTML 5.1, and Communication Barriers

November 21, 2016

This week we are talking about the power of open graph meta tags, HTML 5.1 as the new standard, and bridging communication barriers.

What You Need to Know About Open Graph Meta Tags for Total Facebook and Twitter Mastery

Jeanette Larsen

Source: Kissmetrics

Takeaway: Open Graph was originally created by Facebook in order to give the user some control over how information is presented when shared to Facebook. This is done by adding Open Graph meta tags, such as the title, type of content, image, and url. The use has expanded well passed Facebook, and is used by other main platforms like Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter (who first checks for it’s own Twitter Card version then uses Open Graph). It’s worth using as it influences performance on social media, which helps your SEO.

Tags: #Social Media, #SEO


David Minton

Source: W3C

Takeaway: It only took two years, but HTML 5.1 is the new standard. There are a wide variety of changes and improvements in the latest HTML standard published by the W3C including allowing different images based on screen resolution, and more efficient animation via API, though a popular experimental feature, drag and drop, did not make it in.

Tags: #HTML, #Web Standards

When Projects turn to a Tower of Babel

Michael Nicholson

Source: The Lazy Project Manager's Blog

Takeaway: Managing international projects require different techniques and processes than managing local projects. Regular communication, bridging language and cultural gaps, and creating connection among culturally and geographically diverse teams are key strategies to promote success in international projects.

Tags: #Project Management, #Cultural Differences

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