Help us test our contest software for a chance to win an gift card

September 11, 2012

Testing PunchTab, the world's first instant loyalty platform

It is often said there is no free lunch, though if you are lucky, you may get one, if you can order it from with a $10.00 gift card from Designhammer. Why the prize you may ask? We are testing out PunchTab, an online service billed as the world's first instant loyalty platform. One component of which is online contest management.

To get a feel for how PunchTab works, and to iron out any kinks before we offer up a more substantial prize (hint, hint, check back soon), we thought we would put something small on the line. Don't delay; the contest ends at 2pm on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012.

Why PunchTab? I was looking for a better (i.e. easier) way to manage our online contests, and came across a post on TechCrunch: Social Loyalty Platform PunchTab Launches Agency Platform; Touts Customers Like eBay & Arby’s. In addition to Giveaways like this one, PunchTab also manages online Loyalty Programs, as well as Badges & Achievements. There are currently three account levels with different benefits: free, $99/month, and $999/month. We are trying the free account.

We will be posting our findings once we finish the contest. If you have any feedback on your experience with PunchTab, please leave a comment, below.


The experience was pretty good. The process was simple, and didn't run into any snags. If you are already a Twitter follower or Facebook fan, PunchTab detects it, and credits you the additional entries (you can one entry for each social interaction we configured).