Coda 1.6 and Subversion

December 8, 2008

Coda Recently we have been pushing the use of Subversion at DesignHammer for our code. Problem for me is that I'm a very GUI type of person, so the command line isn't cutting it for me. Plus I hate the SVN contextual menu plug-in, seems to get confused when adding the ugly badges to the file and folder icons. BBEdit sucks at SVN; can't even check out a site/project from the "S" menu. I tried switching to TextMate, which handles SVN so much better, but I always find myself going back to BBEdit for one reason or another.

With the release of Coda 1.6, Panic built in capabilites to use SVN. I was hesitant to try yet another text editor but I went for it. And man, am I glad I did! This app kicks butt in so many ways. It's definitely not perfect, but for a 1.6 release it has a lot to offer. The SVN support is awesome when compared to BBEdit and TextMate, and almost as cool as Versions; almost. Plus the code completion is great as well. The trial hasn't ran out yet (think I have 12 days left), but I'm sure I'll end up buying it before it does.


Also I am really into GUI but at least it isn't complicated if you know the commands. it isn't hard and you will eventually get used to it.