While WordPress websites can be hosted on a variety of platforms from shared commodity hosting to dedicated virtual private servers to dedicated WordPress specific infrastructure, not all WordPress hosting is created equal. We have experience working with premier WordPress hosts such as WordPress.com and WP Engine as well as hosting WordPress sites on our own hardware services and dedicated VPSs. We can help you select the right WordPress hosting for your needs.

As important as ensuring your WordPress site has sufficient hosting resources is ensuring your WordPress website is up-to-date with all recommended WordPress updates. WordPress websites that are not up-to-date with recommended patches can be compromised by known security vulnerabilities and may not have access to the latest WordPress features.

DesignHammer offers proactive WordPress maintenance to keep WordPress sites we host and maintain up-to-date and secure. We check our sites daily for outstanding WordPress updates and apply updates after QAing the update in a development environment to ensure your site does not experience unexpected issues caused by the update.

If you are looking for a new WordPress hosting or maintenance vendor, we have extensive experience auditing existing WordPress sites as well as onboarding, updating, and extending WordPress sites developed by different vendors.

Do you have a WordPress mess on your hands? Check out our WordPress Rescue service