Creating a new website that is accessible or bringing an existing website into compliance can impact every aspect of the website including design, functionality, and content.

For both new and existing sites, we begin with a collaborative discovery process to identify the appropriate accessibility compliance regulations or standards. These standards will inform the specification and design process on new sites to ensure that your project adheres to the identified accessibility requirements. For existing sites, we can identify design, technical, and content issues based on the relevant accessibility standard.

We can deliver new and existing standards-compliant accessible websites including:

  • Accessible designs (e.g. contrast, appropriate use of color, etc.)
  • Accessible navigation implementation (e.g. accessible keyboard navigation, etc.)
  • Accessible functionality (e.g. forms, error reporting, custom functionality, etc.)
  • Consulting and training on accessible content creation and entry

Let’s start the conversation and bring your website accessibility into compliance today.