Website Accessibility is more than just technical implementation. If your website content is not created and maintained with accessibility in mind, your message might be lost on valuable customers who cannot access your content.

Some important accessibility questions to consider are:

  • Do your embedded videos have accurate closed captioning?
  • Do you have proper HTML structure for all of your site content?
  • Do all of your meaningful images have appropriate alt text?

If you don’t know whether your content is accessible or not, we can help. Whether you are looking to redesign your site or check the compliance of your existing “accessible” website, we can work with you to audit your site and identify content that needs to be revised to meet the appropriate standards.

We can employ a mixture of automated testing, manual review, and collaboration and training with your internal teams to not only provide a 360-degree view of your current compliance but to empower your content editors to maintain compliance going forward.