Investors Title

Management Services Platform

Residential and commercial title insurance
Investors Title Management Services Platform
Investors Title Management Services Platform
Investors Title Management Services Platform

The Challenge

Investor's Title's affiliated agents receive the majority of their business by referral and through education on their respective websites. Many existing agent websites were aging and new agent websites needed to be created. Investors Title wanted to provide a consistent platform for launching a host of new agent websites. The sites needed to be launched with custom form support, enhanced customization, and they needed to cause as little disruption to agent business as possible.

The Solution

DesignHammer created a new platform for ITMS Agents’ websites. We chose to build it as a Drupal 7 multi-site with a customizable theme allowing for a unique but consistent design for each website. The multi-site platform reduces ongoing maintenance costs for the sites and reduces the per-agent setup costs. Each agent site provides a better user experience through increased usability, mobile design, and search functionality.

We combined careful planning and project management with some intelligent tools to ensure that every agent site deployment went smoothly.


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