Improving lead conversion rates with WordPress

Professional Services

Established in 2007, Vector Psychometric Group is a psychometric solutions company offering consulting and software.

Vector needed to better align its web presence with the professionalism of its staff and their accomplishments.

We created a WordPress website with a fresh design that better represented Vector. WordPress allows Vector staff to quickly publish web content without help from a developer. Users can find useful, relevant content through the redesigned modern interface.

Since the redesigned launched, Vector has experienced an improvement in its lead conversion rate.

I wanted a website that an executive director or CEO would look through and feel comfortable with our company. I think the new website is in align with who we are and our work.
RJ Wirth, Managing Partner, Vector Psychometric Group

Vector homepage screen-shot

Redesigned Homepage


With its unpolished look and feel, the old website did not adequately reflect Vector's quality of work or level of clientele.

Additionally, the hand-coded website incurred an opportunity cost for Vector to maintain. The website depended on internal development staff to update content, which limited the amount of production work they could complete.

Challenges with the redesign:

  • Eliminate imposition on internal development staff to update website.
  • Empower marketing staff to work quickly and update website content at any time.
  • Ability to easily build up website with resources and lead-nurture content.


Redesigning for a professional presence

The redesigned website harnesses a clean, modern design. Intuitive information architecture organizes content into points of entry for prospective clients.

We used responsive design techniques, making the website mobile-friendly by scaling to the user's device. Responsive design creates an optimal viewing experience on most desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

WordPress for easy content management

We moved Vector from a hand-coded website to WordPress. WordPress is an easy-to-use open source content management system. The popular CMS is a great choice for nontechnical staff to update and maintain marketing websites.

For Vector, using WordPress means marketing staff can easily add new white papers and other lead-nurturing materials to the website.

With WordPress, Vector no longer relies on internal development staff to update content. Internal development resources can once again focus on developing Vector’s psychometric software.

Vector Wordpress admin screen-shot

Wordpress Admin

Outcomes & Results

The redesigned website in WordPress is easier for both Vector’s staff and website visitors to use. The polished presence properly reflects the company and its level of professionalism.

Because developer assistance is no longer needed to update content, Vector’s internal developers can focus on their core roles.

Since the redesign launched, Vector has experienced:

  • An increase in overall website traffic.
  • An increase in pageviews per session.
  • An increase in time spent on pages.
  • An improved lead conversion rate.
We needed a website where prospects could easily find useful information, and want to spend time getting to know us. I’m confident that our website now serves this purpose: people refer to resources on the website in conversation. Having the website serve as a conversation aid — as an aid in nurturing leads — is exactly what we wanted.
RJ Wirth, Managing Partner, Vector Psychometric Group