DesignHammer leading industry Meetup group for local professionals

May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009, Durham, NC – DesignHammer has recently joined the Meetup trend and is sponsoring a group supporting further education of local web professionals in the Triangle. The phenomenon of Meetup has become a great social networking tool for communities to gather offline and explore a wealth of personal and professional interests. With over 5.7 million members worldwide and nearly 900 groups organized in the Triangle, Meetup is a great online community that is gaining ground as a professional networking resource.

DesignHammer's group, the RTP Search Engine Optimization Meetup, gathered again last week at the company's offices in Durham to exchange ideas about link building, a hot topic among SEO specialists. Web Designer/ Developer Tevan Alexander is a group leader from the company and believes that as they work in such a fast moving industry, one of the group's goals should be to challenge their members with the most current industry topics. After the success of the latest meeting, Alexander stated, “It’s rewarding to meet like-minded people in the industry... Last night's Meetup was clearly a success in terms of turnout and attendees' contribution to the discussion about link building. I'm looking forward to seeing what our next SEO Meetup brings.” Since DesignHammer has reorganized the group four meetings ago, there has been noticeable growth in size of meetings as well as overall group membership.

The group, established in November 2007, faced a potential shut down when its founder abandoned it after the August meeting last year. “With dozens of members at the time, I thought it was a waste to let the group end. I was happy to have DesignHammer step up to support the group, financially, as well as providing a place to meet” said David Minton, DesignHammer's Managing Partner, as well as one of the group's leaders.

The RTP Search Engine Optimization Meetup will assemble the third Tuesday of each month at the DesignHammer offices in Durham. Details concerning the next meeting can be found at SEO Meetup. For further details about the group and future discussion points please contact Tevan Alexander at DesignHammer:

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Founded in 2001, DesignHammer Media Group LLC is an award-winning, Durham, North Carolina based web design and development company featuring advanced planning, repeatable processes, refined aesthetics, solid technology, and personalized service; DesignHammer empowers clients by building smarter websites.

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