Is your Drupal website secure?

Do you think it is, or do you know it is?

Drupal is a great Open Source Software CMS (content management system), but it needs to be built right and maintained to stay secure. If compromised, your website could be defaced, your data stolen, and even expose you to legal liability!

You need to know that your Drupal website is secure.

We can help

Our Audit will check your Drupal website for vital security issues, confirm that it’s up-to-date, and meets all recommended security practices.

We provide a detailed overview of over 50 points covering, in addition to security, performance tuning, and Drupal best practices.

So, what’s under the hood?

DesignHammer’s Drupal Site Audit reviews over 50 aspects of your website for security, performance, and stability. Our Acquia™ certified developers will analyze the results to highlight any recommended changes so you can have peace of mind that your Drupal site is running like a well oiled machine.


  • Drupal version
  • Pending security updates
  • Pending feature updates
  • And more…


  • Dangerous tags (PHP, script) found in content
  • Unsafe files extensions allowed for upload
  • Errors written to screen
  • And more…


  • Anonymous page caching
  • CSS aggregation
  • JavaScript aggregation
  • And more…

Best Practices

  • Watchdog PHP error count
  • Error log reports activated
  • Homepage is mobile friendly
  • And more…


  • Secure code practices
  • Cross site scripting vulnerabilities
  • SQL injection issues
  • And more…

Know your site is secure

Contact us and schedule an audit.