DesignHammer Develops Hat Trick for CS Recognition Solutions

April 24, 2002

DesignHammer Media Group has completed the development, during the month of April, of two separate online order systems for CS Recognition Solutions; a third system having been developed at the end of 2001. The online order systems will allow for the ordering of corporate sales awards by clients of CS Recognition Solutions, in this case two Fortune 500 companies.

The two groups of award winners, in excess of 500 and 1000 respectively, would otherwise have had to submit written orders, and CS Recognition Solutions would have had to compile over 1,500 separate written orders by hand in a short period of time. With the new systems, CS Recognition Solutions can instantly access a list of submitted award orders, as well as produce lists of accredited winners that have yet to place orders.

According to Chip Separk, President of CS Recognition Solutions, "Our clients really liked the look of the sites and the ease of use. These were great projects, efficient and error free."

CS Recognition Solutions has been in the recognition awards business for 25 years with a focus on unique high quality awards and a reputation of superior customer service. The company’s mission is helping companies effectively recognize, reward and motivate their employees, through programs and services that reinforce positive behavior.

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