China domain registration email: true, spam, or scam?

October 19, 2010

An email concerning a "Notice of Internet Intellectual Property Rights Dispute in China" seems to be traveling around the Internet recently, spurring a number of clients to contact DesignHammer inquiring what to do. The email in questions seems pretty official. Is it true, SPAM, or a scam? Let's consider the possibilities.

Mashable Media Summit: "10 Web Content Urban Legends"

June 16, 2010

Last week as part of Internet Week events in New York City, Mashable presented their very first Mashable Media Summit. The day was full of an excellent array of speakers from organizations such as Starbucks, CNN, Foursquare, The Red Cross, and included a special presentation from Edward Norton to introduce his new philanthropy website, Crowdrise. Here is a brief summary of Ricky Van Veen's presentation on the "10 Web Content Urban Legends," which could also be appropriately titled, "Guidelines for Creating Great Web Content."

Farmville: A $1,400 Lesson in Web Parenting

April 12, 2010

Recently, a mom in the UK received a huge shock when she discovered her 12 year-old son used his savings and her credit card to spend a total of $1,400 playing the Facebook application game Farmville. Here is some advice to parents who want their children to enjoy themselves, but seeking to avoid a surprise smack to the wallet.

Social Network Trends

March 11, 2010

The Wall Street Journal posted an interesting article on Changing Face of Social Networks earlier this week, suggesting “five years is a lifetime for the average teenager’s habits,” citing the rise of MySpace, until its eclipse by Facebook two years later as an example. Current research indicates that the trend continues, with facebook usage by 18–24 year-olds diminishing over the last three months.

The Droid and iPhone War

December 16, 2009

The mobile devices market moves so quickly it’s often hard to keep up and while some industries enjoy a certain amount of brand loyalty, technology lovers are a fickle group. Blackberry has maintained a significant following for several years and although it is still the popular choice for many business-oriented users, iPhone has taken the market by storm and gained a huge amount popularity this past year.  While not the only available touch screen Smartphone, it has been the best marketed. Until now, that is.

FTC Addresses Word of Mouth, Bloggers and New Media in Latest Guides to Advertising

October 6, 2009

The new Guides are effective December 1st, 2009. As is usually the case, ignorance of the law is not an advisable defense. Since the new Guides specifically address “new media” content such as blogs and viral marketing, it is a good idea for anyone writing reviews, or providing testimonials in online publishing, become familiar with the Guides, particularly if they have a direct relationship with, or receive any sort of compensation from product or service providers.