People. Planet.

Here at DesignHammer, we’ve dedicated ourselves to being mindful of our planet and its people. As part of our triple-bottom-line business strategy, we balance our profitability with our environmental and social impact.

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We're proud to be a part of the innovative community in Durham, and love living and working in NC's Triangle.

With such a deep love for this city and region, we want our work to reflect and respect our amazing community of creatives.


We work toward protecting the environment while carefully weighing how we use our natural resources by considering both what we use and what we return to the earth.

As part of our resource mindfulness, we achieved 90 percent paperless invoicing and contracting in 2011, and increased to 95 percent paperless in 2013.


eWaste is recycled

... and to conserve energy, we update our technology to more energy-efficient devices when possible

Recycling & composting

diverts 65% of our solid waste output from landfills

411 pounds recycled since January 2014

60 pounds composted since January 2014


By promoting our employee’s best interests, we support an efficient, effective and flexible workplace. Having an efficient workplace is fueled by both the health and well-being of our people, as well as energy- and time-efficient equipment.

Flexibility in the workplace allows our staff to better balance work-life schedules, value time spent inside and outside of the office, and participate in healthy activities such as sustainable commuting.

Flexible work schedules permit sustainable commuting.

Mobile technology allow employees to work from home when needed.

Flexible schedules give employees freedom to arrive and leave at times that work for each person.

Winner of Alfred P. Sloan Award for Excellence in the Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility in 2012, 2013 & 2014.

Sustainable commuting

Ribbon with text

Robert’s cycle profilesince April 2011 

Ortleib classic back roller panniers

Fly6 seatpost Rear light & video camera

Fastboy Cycles Brooks Swift Saddle

Salsa Casseroll frame, Custom build up by Frank’s Cyclery Raleigh

Illustration of Robert's racer cycle with Fly6 rear light and Ortleib classic back roller panniers
Robert Weeks
2000 miles/year
no. of days cycled
7563.25 miles

2.74 metric tons CO2 correspond to:


Efficient workplace practices and resource-saving equipment helps our team collectively work toward greater long-term profitability. High retention rates and top-notch production work allows us to increase our economic growth at a steady rate.

We are

a GreenPlus certified Mover.

Our triple-bottom-line sustainable business strategy considers environmental impacts as well as social and economic responsibilities.

We don’t

outsource our work.

Our community and our people are our most valuable resources. By keeping the social component of our triple-bottom-line strategy focused within our region, we can harmoniously work toward improving our impact at home.


Increasing the performance component of our triple-bottom-line strategy while reducing our strain on the planet and being mindful of our social impact.

Mindful of materials

Low printing and mailing costs, energy efficient and green products

Focus on people

Flexible workplace puts each employee’s needs first

Clear communication

Instant and effective collaboration made easy through web tools

People. Planet.

DesignHammer’s sustainability relies on our ability to meaningfully evaluate our resource input and work output.

By working together with a mindful approach to our resources, our team can create maximum positive impact with minimal negative consequences.

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